Thank you for your interest in the Titletown Open 2019 organized by The Green Bay Rackers, Green Bay, WI.

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This competition is BJCP sanctioned and open to any homebrewer age 21 or older.

For administrative reasons, we are not allowing mail-in entries this year.  ALL entries must be dropped off by the deadline at the designated locations.

All entries must be handcrafted products, containing ingredients available to the general public, and made using private equipment by hobbyist brewers (i.e., no use of commercial facilities or Brew on Premises operations, supplies, etc.).

The competition organizers are not responsible for miscategorized entries, dropped-off entries that are not received by the entry deadline, or entries that arrived damaged.

The competition organizers reserve the right to combine styles for judging and to restructure awards as needed depending upon the quantity and quality of entries.

Qualified judging of all entries is the primary goal of our event. Judges will evaluate and score each entry. The average of the scores will rank each entry in its category. Each entry will have at least one BJCP judge.

Brewers are not limited to one entry in each category but may only enter each subcategory once.

The competition committee reserves the right to combine overall style categories based on number of entries. All possible effort will be made to combine similar styles. All brews in combined categories will be judged according to the style they were originally entered in.

The Best of Show judging will be determined by a Best of Show panel based on a second judging of the top winners.

Bottles will not be returned to entrants.

For​ ​the​ ​sake​ ​of​ ​judging,​ ​the​ ​standard​ ​2015​ ​BJCP​ ​styles
will​ ​be​ ​placed​ ​in​ ​the​ ​following​ ​tables:


1. Light/Golden Ales & Lagers

BJCP Categories: 1a-c, 2a, 3a-b, 4a, 5a-d, 11a-c, 12a-b, 18a, Piwo Grodziskie, Pre-Prohibition Lager

2. Mild Amber/Brown/Dark Beers

BJCP Categories: 2b-c, 3c-d, 4b-c, 6a, 6c, 7a-c, 8a-b, 13a-b, 14a-c, 15a, 19a-c, Kentucky Common, London Brown Ale

3. Porter & Stout

BJCP Categories: 13c, 15b-c, 16a-d, 20a-b, Pre-Prohibition Porter

4. Hop-forward Pale Ales

BJCP Categories: 12c, 18b, 21a-b(1-6)

5. Wheat/Rye/Other Grain Beers

BJCP Categories: 1d, 10a-c, 31a-b (requires​ ​specification​ ​of​ ​grains​ ​and/or​ sugars used),
Roggenbier, Sahti, Gose

6. Strong Beers

BJCP Categories: 9a-c, 17a-d, 20c, 22a-d

7. Belgian & French Ales      

BJCP Categories: 24a-c, 25a-c, 26a-d

8. Fruit/Spice/Veg/Herb beers

BJCP Categories: 29a-c, 30a-c (Must​ ​state​ ​a​ ​BASE​ ​BJCP​ ​style​ ​AND​ all other ingredients in
each entry.)

9. Specialty Beers

BJCP Categories: 6b, 32a-b, 33a-b, 34a*-c***

Must​ ​state​ ​a​ ​BASE​ ​BJCP​ ​style​ ​AND​ all other ingredients in each entry.

*34a The entrant must​ ​specify​ ​the​ ​name​ ​of​ ​the​ ​commercial​ ​beer​ being cloned,
specifications (vital statistics) for the beer, and either a brief sensory description or a list of
ingredients used in making the beer.

** 34b The entrant must​ ​specify​ ​the​ ​styles​ ​being​ ​mixed.​ ​The entrant may provide an
additional description of the sensory profile of profile of the beer or the vital statistics of the resulting beer.

*** 34c The entrant must​ ​specify​ ​the​ ​special​ ​nature​ of the experimental beer, including the special ingredients or processes that make it not fit elsewhere in the guidelines. The entrant must provide vital statistics for the beer, and either a brief sensory description or a list of ingredients used in making the beer.

10. Sour Beers

BJCP Categories: 23a-f, 28a*-c***, Lichtenhainer

*28a -The entrant must​ ​specify​ ​either a base beer style (Classic Style, or a generic style family) or provide a description of the ingredients/specs/desired character. The entrant must specify if a 100% Brett fermentation was conducted. The entrant may specify the strain(s) of Brettanomyces used.

**28b - The entrant must​ ​specify​ a description of the beer, identifying the yeast/bacteria used and either a base style or the ingredients/specs/target character of the beer.

***28c - Entrant must​ ​specify​ the type of fruit, spice, herb, or wood used. Entrant must specify a description of the beer, identifying the yeast/bacteria used and either a base style or the ingredients/specs/target character of the beer. A general description of the special nature of the beer can cover all the required items.

11. Rackers Annual Challenge

Beginning in 2014 (the TTO’s 20th anniversary,) the club has added an annual challenge category strictly for “grins & giggles”. No scores will be given and as such, not included in the BOS round.  Entries will be judged in BOS style by a special panel of judges.  BEER CAN ALSO BE ENTERED IN THE REGULAR CONTEST category.  This entry must be a PAID entry to be eligible to win.

For​ ​2019​ ​the​ ​category​ ​is​ ...

“How much brew would a brewer chug, if a brew were aged on wood?”​ ​–​ ​Wood Aged ​beers​ ​only



Any style, but hops used must be exclusively TENACIOUS​ ​BADGER​ hops.  ​You MUST specify the Tenacious Badger hops used. BEER CAN ALSO BE ENTERED IN THE REGULAR CONTEST category. No scores will be given and as such, not included in the BOS round.  Entries will be judged in BOS style by a special panel of judges.  You may purchase TB hops from their website and enter code "titletown30" at checkout for 30% discount!  This entry must be a PAID entry to be eligible to win.


OPEN​ ​ONLY​ ​TO​ ​PARTICIPATING​ ​JUDGES!​ Each judge may bring ONE beer (any style) to be checked in by the contest organizer by Saturday, April 27th prior to the start of the morning round of judging.  One bottle required, you need only state the style and they will be labeled upon check-in. Stewards will be given the opportunity to judge them in BOS fashion and a prize will be awarded to the winning judge. There will be NO ENTRY FEE for these beers. These​ ​entries​ ​cannot be​ ​entered​ ​in​ ​any​ ​category​ ​in​ ​the​ ​regular​ ​competition. 


Entry Fees: 

1. RACKERS members and JUDGES get first entry free.

2. Check, MO or PayPal only – NO CASH! Checks should be made out to the GREEN BAY RACKERS. The Rackers are not responsible for lost entry fees on entries left at drop-off sites. Any entry lacking the appropriate fee will NOT BE JUDGED.



The Green Bay Rackers are solely responsible for the conduct of this contest. All leftover beer, and empty bottles become the property of the Green Bay Rackers. Entry into this competition shall constitute permission for the Rackers to publish all results on their website.

Competition Officials

You can send an email to any of the following individuals via Contact.

  • Paul Chambers — Venue Lead
  • Neil Froelich — Competition Coordinator/Registrar/Web Admin
  • Whitney Froelich — Marketing Director
  • Josh Jahnke — Committee Member/Backup Registrar
  • Trevor LaRene — Judge Director
  • John Parsons — Committee Member/Club President


The Green Bay Rackers is proud to have the following sponsors for the Titletown Open 2019.

Green Bay Rackers Homebrew Club
Green Bay, WI
Green Bay Rackers Homebrew Club
House Of Homebrew
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House Of Homebrew
Stillmank Brewing Company
Green Bay, WI
Stillmank Brewing Company
Tenacious Badger Hops
Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Tenacious Badger Hops
American Homebrewer's Association/BJCP
American Homebrewer's Association/BJCP
Ahanpee Brewery
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Ahanpee Brewery
Badger State Brewing
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Badger State Brewing
Five Star Chemicals
Commerce City, CO
Five Star Chemicals
Spike Brewing Equipment
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