Thanks to all who participated in the Titletown Open 2019.

There were 168 entries judged and 91 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyle
1stNeil FroelichGrognak The Hopbarian22A: Double IPA

Winning Entries

Table 1: Light/Golden Ales & Lagers (18 entries)

1stCaleb MeinkeOhsb11C: Strong Bitter
2ndCaleb MeinkeZveďte Polku3B: Czech Premium Pale Lager
3rdCaleb Meinke9231B: American Lager

Table 2: Mild Amber/Brown/Dark (31 entries)

1stMorpheus La SpockTilly Tears15A: Irish Red Ale
2ndLaurel Verhagen
Co-Brewer: Jesse Severance
Mild Remix13A: Dark Mild
3rdJim MaufortThe Kentucky Blues27A6: Kentucky Common

Table 3: Porter & Stout (12 entries)

1stAdam JoyceIrish Stout15B: Irish Stout
2ndAdam JoyceDouble Cream Stout16A: Sweet Stout
3rdMorpheus La SpockBlack Alert15B: Irish Stout

Table 4: Hop-Forward Pale Ales (16 entries)

1stCaleb Meinke
Co-Brewer: Duane Buscher
Coaction18B: American Pale Ale
2ndTimothy PfeisterTim's Diet IPA21B: Specialty IPA
3rdDean WienschCharles Voss Kveik II18B: American Pale Ale

Table 5: Wheat/Rye/Other Grains (8 entries)

1stAdam JoyceTaste Of Bavaria10A: Weissbier
2ndJames KostrevaFirst Try Dunkel10B: Dunkels Weissbier
3rdJames KostrevaJust Bottled Weissbier10A: Weissbier

Table 6: Strong Beers (15 entries)

1stNeil FroelichGrognak The Hopbarian22A: Double IPA
2ndSteve MasarGreen Thumb22A: Double IPA
3rdJosh JahnkeSkullstorm9A: Doppelbock

Table 7: Belgian & French Ales (21 entries)

1stNeil FroelichDuvaal IV25C: Belgian Golden Strong Ale
2ndDrew MizgalskiMonk Juice26A: Trappist Single
3rdNick HebdaHip To Be Square26D: Belgian Dark Strong Ale

Table 8: Fruit/Spice/Veg/Herb Beers (19 entries)

1stNick HebdaA Different Kind of Nuts30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
2ndJack HuensImperial Chocolate Porter30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
3rdAndy AttwoodApple Lager29A: Fruit Beer

Table 9: Specialty Beers (13 entries)

1stGarrett ShawVanilla Elvis33A: Wood-Aged Beer
2ndDean WienschSmokin Scotsman32A: Classic Style Smoked Beer
3rdTimothy PfeisterWistucky Uncordial Stout33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer

Table 10: Sour Beers (6 entries)

1stJed PetrieOud To Bruin23C: Oud Bruin
2ndTravis SkrochWild Nessie28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer
3rdJason MayerlNot A Jelly Donut23A: Berliner Weisse

Table 11: Racker's Challenge (5 entries)

1stJosh Jahnke
Co-Brewer: Daniel Putman
Daniel the Maniel35A: Racker's Challenge: Wood aged beers only

Table 12: Tenacious Badger Challenge (4 entries)

1stLaurel Verhagen
Co-Brewer: Jesse Severance
Two Track Pils36A: Tenacious Badger Challenge: Beers brewed with Tenacious Badger Brand hops only